This year Post Malone has become the music industry’s sweetheart. At just 22 years old, Malone has had massive success with his hit ‘Congratulations’ going platinum and more recently his new single ‘Rockstar’ getting to the number one spot on the Billboard Hot 100. He’s a lil weird and a lil goofy and that’s why he’s not only skyrocketed to fame this year but also skyrocketed into our hearts.A� Here are just few reasons why we love Post Malone.

Before fame, he made his own music videos with some really cool effects and over-the-top fonts with his friends.

He knows how to break it down.

Mood 😂😂

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I don’t think there’s ever a time where he doesn’t have a beer or a durry on him.

starting the #showmeyourcoldonechallenge everybody show me YOUR cold one!

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He has a Bud Light fridge in his house which constantly gets restocked by Bud Light. The dream.

Everyone started making rhymes and memes with his name.

Then he had enough of the memes

Watching him sing ‘I Fall Apart’ hits right in the feels.

I fall apart post malone

I Watch This 10 times Post Malone "I Fall Apart"

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He has a tattoo of himself riding a horse, he’s in armour and everything. Check it out below and maybe even watch this whole interview. It’s of Posty eating hot wings and boy, is it hot.

He also has a French bulldog called Branson Malone. Branson even has his own Instagram account.

With my dad @postmalone

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Him reading comments on his music videos is hilarious. F*ck the haters.

People Vs. Post Malone

Post Malone reading out fan comments is too funny 😂By VICE UK

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Finally, him singing Grouplove’s ‘Tongue Tied’ is probably the best thing ever.

here's a video of Post Malone singing tongue tied to improve your day.

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Post Malone is a happy-go-ray of sunshine. His smile is infectious, his music is catchy and he is an absolute angel (how could you not love that face?). I don’t think we could love him any more even if we tried.

im going ghost hunting

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Kudos to you Posty for being the real MVP.A�