Post Malone is fucking rank lmao. You can’t change my mind on this. He has a nice voice and makes a good banger every now and again, but he is a CRETIN.

Multiple people say he smells, he has bad tattoos and bad cornrows, those grills are bad (why do guys think grills are cool for real?) and he’s just gross. Just all around gross.

But girls froth over him?? Why do they do that??

After extensive internet research, most of the obsession seems to come from him being “talented” and seemingly fun. Girls wanna hang out with him. But girls, that’s called having a friend. You shouldn’t associate talented and fun with an extremely sexually attractive man. 

When did our standards get so low? He’s rich now but still dresses like a homeless man. You know your mother would disown you if you brought him home.

Is it just because, unlike all the other rappers of his time, he hasn’t been arrested/accused of sexual assault with or without minors/a startlingly obvious drug problem?? Is that IT??? I have read several forums that argue Posty is sexy because of this. That doesn’t make him sexy it makes him a goddamn human being without issues. If that’s all it takes these days, I’m out.

I have a friend who loves Post Malone. I’ve asked her why and she goes “he’s so cute”. When I say “no, he’s not” she goes “yeah, I know. But he’s cute, you know?”

I don’t know.

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