FOMO Festival organisers have told Post Malone ticket scalpers they will have a hard time scalping their tickets. The FOMO organizers took to Facebook last night to publicly call out a scalper by the name of Reilly who advertised a ticket to the FOMO Festival sideshow on Gumtree for over quadruple the price.

It’s safe to say in the best way possible that FOMO Festival totally wrecked Reilly.

FOMO Festival

This is an official warning from the FOMO crew that they are taking no sh*t, they are calling for people to send them names and ticket numbers of those wannabe scalpers so that their tickets can be cancelled. Singular tickets have been advertised for thousands of dollars online after they were originally sold for below $100. To dob in a scalper shoot FOMO an email via

Both Post Malone’s sideshows were upgraded to larger venues due to high demand. Tickets to the Brisbane sideshow went on sale today with Perth’s going on sale tomorrow, 10 October. Check out all the details here.

Don’t miss out, this one’s gonna be huge.