The New York Yankees are the only team in the major North America pro sports leagues who don’t display their players name’s on their jerseys, but that is expected to change at the upcoming Players Weekend.

Details of the Players Weekend were revealed yesterday, along with the announcement that the promotion will include new uniforms where we will see most players wearing their nicknames on their jerseys rather than their surnames.

The new jerseys will also be pullovers, not button-fronts and will feature contrasting coloured sleeves. There will also be new caps as part of the uniform with some displaying never-before seen logos.

The new Players Weekend uniforms will also feature a new MLB logo. As the Players Weekend coincides with the Little League Series, the new logo will show the evolution of a player’s growth from child to adult.

This logo will also come in a thank-you version on the sleeve with a blank space below it so players can sign the name of someone they would like to thank.

A new design of sock will also be a part of the new uniform for all 30 teams.

These new uniforms will be worn for Players Weekend 25 – 27 August and also 20 August when the Cardinals take on the Pirates.