To preview the upcoming episode of HBO’s ‘The Shop’, LeBron James dropped a video with none other than Drake to have a chat about future retirement.

“I think maybe one of my biggest concerns in my career is just to figure out how to exit gracefully,” Drake said. “I’ve watched people overstay their welcome, and I just don’t ever want to be that guy that’s addicted to the feeling of victory, addicted to the emotion of people digesting something that they love, and get to the point I’m just feeding them something and they’re just like, ‘Yeah…'”

“What helps with the gracefully bowing out is having people around you that was there with you from day one,” LeBron replied. “That’s seen you from the beginning.”

“You can’t have motherfuckers around you who can’t keep it honest with you and keep it real with you. You need to have someone tell you, ‘Yo, either accept the lesser role, or you gotta tank.”

Check out the video below!

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