Boston Celtics star Kyrie Irving has had a bad time recently – now, both of his eyes are injured. During the game against San Antonio Spurs guard Marco Belinelli, struck both of Irving’s eyes while jostling for a rebound last week.

“I make my living with my eyes,” Irving said. “My whole entire body, but my eyes are just one of the most important things that I need to play this game. It was swollen, and there was light sensitivity after the initial hit.

“Watched it a few times, trying to figure out whether or not it was malicious or not, but I don’t think it was. So I’ll let it go. But I got hit pretty good, and I’m just glad to get a few days’ rest, as well.”

“They’re OK,” Irving said about his eyes. “Right eye had a scratch in it, left is just really inflamed, so just kind of waiting for it to kind of calm down. It’s going to take time, but I’ll be ready for [Monday].”

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