‘Kamikaze’ is a ride. People seem to hate it. I think it’s dope. Let’s dive deeper.

There are four main reasons that people seem to be not on board with this project. I disagree with all of them.

“He’s Blaming Everyone Else But Not Himself”

First of all, he’s a rapper. Would he really be a rapper if he were saying “oh, I fucked up because I’m not on soundcloud and I don’t really get the game anymore, sorry about it”??? No, he wouldn’t. It’s also Eminem for god’s sake. He’s out to rap about what he wants to rap about, and if that includes trashing other rappers then idc.

“It Isn’t Up To His Standard”

I don’t know why people hate the production of this one so much. I think it actually sounds pretty close to his old stuff, which I’m all about. I wasn’t a huge fan of the direction he took with ‘Revival’, I thought it was boring. This though, this is anything but boring.

“He’s Too Full Of Himself”

Back to my first point, all rappers are too full of themselves. Didn’t you hear Tyga saying he was the best rapper on the planet like a month ago? Every single fucking rapper is so up their own dick that I’m genuinely mad people are using this as an excuse to hate Eminem. Don’t hate on him, he’s doing his best.

“‘Revival’ Was Better”

Lol, no it wasn’t. That song with Beyonce was weird. Personal preference etc but like, you’re wrong. This is a good album lmao.

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