It’s safe to say social media influencers have taken the world by storm. We are infatuated by what they wear, eat and do 24/7. However, getting to that infamous ‘influencer status’ takes time, dedication and lots of selfies. The Instagram influencer market size is currently worth $1 billon USD with that figure set to double in 2019. So it can’t be that hard to take selfies all the time, can it?

Step 1:A�Find your niche
Take a look at all your favourite influencers, what do you like them for? Their make-up tutorials, fashion, advice or their ever-so interesting lives? The first step is to find what you are interested in and be an expert at it. Also, on top of that you have to be really, really attractive. If not, bye Felicia!

Step 2: Pick your social channels
Instagram and Youtube rule the influencer world, pick the channels you are most confident with and get creative with your content. By creative we mean go to the nearest cafe and get the best looking meal on the menu.

Step 3: Get posting
The third and most crucial step is posting your content. You need to be posting day and night in those prime-time spots. Now this is the hardest job of the influencer. They drive to their shoot spots and work tirelessly for hours on end standing like a statue while someone takes hundreds of photos of them. The angles, colours, make-up…everything must be perfect. Only for them to upload one picture. When you’re just starting out your content will be the sole reason people will click that follow button, so make sure you go waste that whole day for that one pic because after all, it’s worth it.

…and the orange obsession continues 🍊🥕 #awalkingcarrot

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Step 4: Get important people and brands to notice you
Once you start gaining attention people will realise you have the ability to influence your followers decisions. Get in touch with brands you like and other influencers – let your followers know you are friends by commenting and liking their pics, they love that and a bit of cross promotion never hurt anybody. Once you have established that network, brands will begin coming to you and wanting you to share their products, AKA free stuff! This is where the bulk of the money is made as a social media influencer. MediakixA�recently created two fake influencer accounts using paid followers and likes to test whether or not fake engagement could secure brand sponsorship deals. Both fake accounts secured two brand sponsorship deals each proving that anyone with a few spare hundred dollar bills lying around can become an influencer. *Cue screams*

Step 5: Be yourself
The most important step in becoming a social media influencer is to be yourself. Through all the model shots, selfies and brand promotions upon brand promotions, these influencers constantly say the key to their success is being their real, down to earth selves.

“Dona��t do it for the money, or the followers or the likes. Just be yourself and you will grow yourself,” says YouTube makeup artist Michael Finch.

Melbourne is treating me well! 😏 cannot WAIT for my Meet&Greet tomorrow! So keen to meet some of you guys 💕

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Obviously this is the truth as these influencers would never be dishonest to their followers, would they?

Are you ready to be in the spotlight? To work hours on end for the perfect selfie? To create the illusion your life is more interesting than it really is? If you answered yes, then the role of a social media influencer is just for you!

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