I didn’t get much sleep last night. Consider this a warning.

It’s not that I didn’t know about 5SOS (aka 5 Seconds of Summer, aka Australian boyband sensation, aka Australia’s national band, aka 4 hot guys to the uneducated). ‘She’s Kinda Hot Though’? A fucking banger. Besides Nollsy, they’re probs our biggest musical act. I always found it cool that they played their own instruments and I understand that America has a weird fascination with Australians (why? we’re all bogans lol) but I’m 22 years old – I missed the mark with 5SOS. Although all of them are my age or older, they definitely were popular in a younger market that I was not young enough to be part of.

But that all changed earlier this year when they dropped their album ‘Youngblood’. At first, my friend and I skipped through the songs on our commute with much head bopping and ‘ooh, what a jam’ comments. We didn’t listen to it again.

BUT THEN EVERYTHING CHANGED WHEN THE FIRE NATION ATTACKED. And by fire nation, I mean the single ‘Youngblood’ which when listened to properly through headphones, mid existential crisis, stoned out of your mind, may actually have caused me to ascend into another realm, research the shit out of this band in a few hours and stumble into the office the following day with no valid reason to why you were late. Oops.

Here is everything I learnt about my new favourite band ever!!

  • They are ALL over 180cm!! That’s INSANE. Why are they so tall for. I need a cold shower.
  • They actually do write their own songs and play their own instruments!
  • They were born in Sydney which is a shame, I don’t know anyone who would appreciate ‘Hornsby’ being their birthplace on Wikipedia (lol Ashton)
  • Over 180cm!!
  • Beginning in 2011 and finding fame through covers on YouTube, they rose to success by touring with One Direction and having a chart-topping single ‘She Looks So Perfect’ in 2014.
  • They have had three studio albums – 5 Seconds of Summer (2014), Sounds Good Feels Good (2015), Youngblood (2018)
  • I love them!!!!!!!

Luke Hemmings, 22, is the lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist. He looks like this, and is the tallest at 193cm (wow lol).

Ashton Irwin, 24, is the drummer. And, because it’s important, he’s the SHORTEST at 183cm. I want to die. This group is too much.

Michael Clifford, the guitarist, is 22 and a rock-style snack. Apparently, he’s dating some influencer girl and I’m not happy about it.

Calum Hood, 22 and my FAVE, is the bassist. I think I’m in too deep too fast with this group.

Thanks for reading my ridiculous post about 5SOS! No one asked for this!

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